Halloween – The Unofficial Ghost of Corgarff Castle, Scotland

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On last years holiday 2014, we travelled a lot around Scotland.  I love visiting castles and we did a fair few of them, as well as churches and anything that took our fancy.  On this particular day, we seemed to be travelling quite a while, up and down mountains (well they seem like mountains to anyone that lives on the flatlands in the Fens) and not really seeing anything, apart from the beautiful Scottish countryside.  Then suddenly, I saw a tiny white fleck on the landscape…… it must be a castle, please let it be one open to the public.



We drove up the drive to castle and much to my joy it was open.  This post is not about the history of Corgarff Castle, I will do a post later. its about a feeling I had.  We did the tour bit, had a look at all the rooms and it’s a really an interesting building.  After climbing most of the stairs, we came to the last set leading to the attic, way up at the top of the castle.  I had felt nothing in the main body of the building, but I did not want to climb the stairs, nothing wrong with the stairs, nice new stairs, but they would take me to the attic.  Husband has little time for my feelings in this kind of thing.  So he went first and I reluctantly followed.  At the top was a small landing with a door into the room and I think, another door to a smaller room.  I would not go into the larger room, husband went in, but I had a very strong feeling that we were not alone.  I just about managed to take a photo and all the time I was convinced that there was something in the corner.


I could not wait to get down to the next level and then I felt fine.  We went back down to where the custodian was on the first floor.  We were saying goodbye, when I suddenly said to him, is there a ghost, and he looked me straight in the eye, and said no, there are no ghosts.  I looked at him and said are you sure……. his answer was why…..my answer….there is something in the attic.  He looked at me and said, you saw something, I answered, no I didn’t, but I felt something.  He then came clean and said there is an unofficial ghost, a couple of times different custodians had gone up to the attics at closing time just to make sure that there were no visitors left.  On both occasions they had come across an old lady standing in the corner……. after asking her to leave, she just faded away.  But there is no story of this old lady, no one knows anything about her, just that she has been, and is, I think still there.

Happy Halloween 2015

Scotland 2014

7 Replies to “Halloween – The Unofficial Ghost of Corgarff Castle, Scotland”

  1. That sounds like a sad ghost! Probably a servant that was worked to death and forgotten. Interesting that she left when asked to. Still following orders?

    1. Thats a very interesting thought, I just know I didn’t like being up there. I have just read at one time 27 people were driven up to roof and the castle was set on fire and burnt to the ground and then other sources said they got away. Anyway it was a different building, so not sure what it really was 🙂

  2. Ooooh, this is creepy! Nice story, Lynne. You obviously picked up on something. I haven’t been to Corgarff Castle myself, although Colin has photographed it from a distance. I know that there’s a dreadful story attached to it. I shall now have mixed feelings if I’m brave enough to visit the attic!

    1. Yes it was bit creepy up in the attic. I have since read about the massacre, but there seems to be 2 stories, one being that they escaped……you will have to visit and research about it for the Hazel Tree 🙂

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