Lochnell Castle, Benderloch, Nr Oban, Scotland

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DSC_0827 - Version 3

The one good thing about sorting photos ( I’m in awe of people that can keep on top of their photos, but I am not one of those persons) you come across little gems that you have forgotten about and this is one of them.  I am not sure how times we have taken the dogs for a walk on Tralee Beach, Loch Linnhe, near Oban, as the caravan park we use is not far away and the beach is in walking distance,……but I had never noticed the castle until this particular day.

DSC_0827 - Version 4

I suddenly noticed way in the distance a building and zooming in I saw a castle….. I had never seen it before, I had repeatedly missed a huge castle, like a fairy tale, only seen once every hundred years 🙂  I found a little history about the castle, but its now used for weddings and corporate events, which is good because at least its not a redundant ruin.

The site on which the Castle stands has been occupied since the 6th Century and parts of this original construction are still visible in the undercroft of the Chapel that remains on site.  The main structure of the castle dates back to the 15th Century and changes were made to the building in 1730 when a ‘neoclassical’ front was added to the front of the Castle, and then later in the 1780’s when the Georgian Castle and Chapel were joined.

I found a photo of the front of the castle, which really makes me want to get a closer look at this interesting building, not sure if I will, but I would really like to……… I wonder if they do afternoon teas 🙂

May 2013

4 Replies to “Lochnell Castle, Benderloch, Nr Oban, Scotland”

    1. You can’t get up close to it, only if you go to the castle, but I was amazed that I hadn’t noticed it before. Yes its a lovely walk along the bay 🙂

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