Pig In Norfolk


I should have put this photo on with the sheep, as he seemed to be a very happy big pig.  I have just watched a programme about the Battle of the Somme, WW1.  My grandfather fought in that battle, he was lucky, he came home, I did wonder why he never talked about it…..I now know why.  I just wanted to post about something that I didn’t have to think about, hence the sheep post and this very lovely big pig 🙂


  1. My grandfather too. It must have been utterly horrific. Mine came straight from Gallipoli where he was one of the few survivors when his ship the HMS Goliath was torpedoed. The men had been fighting at Gallipoli already and were to be transferred to fight at the Front in France. He survived because he was up on deck having a quiet smoke in the middle of the night when the torpedo hit. 570 out of 700 aboard died. His next destination was to be the Western Front where he also fought at the Battle of the Somme. He was one of 3 brothers, all 3 survived the War. His mother was one of the few lucky ones.

    1. Yes, your great grandmother was one of the lucky ones. My grandfather was only 19, he got shot and gassed, came home and never went back, the gas did something to him. But on the other side of my family, my great grandfather was at Gallipoli, he was on a ship that was laying mines and nets to try and stop the submarines. He wrote a diary, now in the Imperial War museum and in that diary, he tells about the Goliath going down. His boat helped pick up the survivors from that ship and many other ships. He first went to sea in three mast sailing ship, sailed all over the world, and had retired but went back to help in WW1 as he had lots of experience with mines. He survived and as his mother only had one son, so she was lucky as well. I wonder if he helped your grandfather out of the water, it makes you wonder :).

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