Aros Castle, Nr Salen, Isle of Mull, Scotland


We were exploring the Isle of Mull on holiday in 2013, when we came across the ruins of Aros Castle, not a lot left of the 13th century hall-house now, but what a wonderful location for a castle, over looking the Sound of Mull.  This is another castle drive pass, no time for a visit, but as you are travelling, you can see the castle in the distance, which gave me time to take as many shots as I could, before we zoomed pass.

A little history……Aros castle was originally built by the MacDougalls, but it passed to the MacDonalds in the 1300s and during the 1400s was used as an occasional base by the Lords of the Isles, at which time it was known as Dounarwyse Castle.  After the suppression of the Lords of the Isles by James IV in 1493, Aros Castle passed to the Macleans of Duart.  When they in turn fell out of favour in the 1600’s, Aros became a Campbell possession before falling into disuse.

A deep ditch defended the castle on the landward side, originally crossed by a causeway.




  1. I’ve driven past this too, and seen it through the rain… looks a lovely and unrestored old ruin. My only photos show very little detail, so it’s interesting to see it close up!

    1. You can visit, but there are some sheer drops, through the undergrowth, so I think close up photos are better than breaking a leg, because thats what would happen to me 🙂

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