Castle Moil, Isle of Skye, Scotland

DSC_0231 - Version 2

I nearly missed this castle, I was looking in the other direction, when husband pointed, and I suddenly saw the castle in the distance. Castle Moil a very haunting looking castle located near the harbour of the village of Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye.  I doubt that we will ever visit the castle, but it does look quite intriguing.  Another name for the castle, Caisteal Maol is believed to originate from the 10th Century. The present building dates from around the 14th or 15th century and was abandoned by the MacKinnons in the mid 17th Century.  Storms carried out severe damage to the castle and the remaining ruins have been secured to prevent further deterioration.


It is said that one of the MacKinnon chiefs married a Norwegian princess around 900 and built the original castle. Tradition records that this couple levied a toll on boats passing through the channel between Skye and the mainland, by stretching a chain across the strait as a barrier.

On holiday Scotland 2013


      1. Ah, thats along way from any castles. We were in the US in June, on the east coast, doing the islands, you might not have castles,but you have some wonderful islands 🙂

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