Stepping Back In Time – A Church, Barn & Manor House

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In June 2014 we were travelling through the Cotswolds, it was a beautiful day and I suddenly saw a lovely little church.  Husband stopped the car for me to take a few photos of the church, St Lawrence in the village of Didmarton…….well it turned out a bit longer than husband or I thought.


As I walked around the church to the porch, to a hopefully unlocked door, which to my amazement was unlocked, I suddenly felt like I had gone back a few hundred years.  There before me was a beautiful house and a huge magnificent barn with a range of outbuildings that were just perfect.


The lovely house was Didmarton Manor House.

The Manor House at Didmarton, near Badminton, in Gloucestershire, is a remnant of the original, much larger house built in about 1600 for the Codrington family, who subsequently built nearby Dodington Park.  The E-shaped wings were demolished in the 18th century, when the house became the rectory for nearby St Lawrence’s church.


I found a picture of the Manor House in an old travel book about Gloucestershire, it must have been a wonderful building when first built in the 1600’s, minus the barn which was built in the following century, and the outbuildings would have been added much later.  You can see the church and from my first photo, the view has not changed much since it was built, just the wings of the house missing.

The house was extended and altered in the 19th and early 20th centuries and by the looks of it more restoration work was being carried out at the time of our visit.


To the East is the impressive Grade II-listed barn, built of Cotswold stone and dating from the 18th century. There is also a smaller stable building.  I would imagine that since our visit about 18 months ago, that maybe the barn and out buildings have been renovated just a little, otherwise that lovely feeling of antiquity would be lost.


I would have loved to have had a look inside the buildings, especially the house, but I had a church to explore, and beside which, I was never going to get inside the house 🙂



2 Replies to “Stepping Back In Time – A Church, Barn & Manor House”

    1. Yes sometimes whats behind a church is even better than the church, I have a few more to do….somewhen 🙂 Its just a shame it lost its wings, but better some left, than none.

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