Scolpaig Tower, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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Not an ancient tower house or castle, but a folly, Loch Scolpaig Folly, an 1830s octagonal tower crowning a small islet, built on the site of the Iron Age broch of Dun Scolpaig by Dr Alexander Macleod, who was the Factor of North Uist Estate.  Apparently Dr Macleod pulled down the Iron Age remains and reused the stone to build the mock medieval tower, given the local islanders who were effected by the potato famine, some employment.  The tower is opened to the elements and is now a nesting place for birds.  You can cross over to the folly when the water level is low by way of a stone causeway.

After we passed by the Tower, I took a photo of some Islands out at sea, (the last photo) one of these could be St Kilda, as on a fine day you are suppose to be able to see the Island from here……..but I have no idea which one it is or even if it is there at all.

We had wanted to visit St Kilda, but we had left it too late and there were no bookings left, never mind next time.




May 2014 Holiday


2 Replies to “Scolpaig Tower, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland”

  1. It’s a shame about the original broch but I guess the landowner was doing a good deed by providing employment. Lovely pics! It is certainly a pretty little building. I wonder if that is St Kilda? I did a quick search – I think St Kilda may lie behind those two groups of rocky islands – it may be a very hazy lump (or two!) if you enlarge the photo!

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