A Christmas Room at Polesden Lacey, Surrey


I am so English….as I love to talk about the weather, which at the moment here in the UK is horrible.  We are still suffering from high winds, rain and its started to get cold, not nice, maybe one form of weather or another, but all three together is, as I said, horrible.  So to cheer myself up I have been looking at photos from last years trip to a National Trust House in Christmas mode……

Last Christmas 2014, we visited Polesden Lacey House and the rooms were full of Christmas finery.  I will do a post on Christmas at the house, but I love this room, it puts me in the mood to get the tree out to start decorating……maybe too soon for some people 🙂  But now I have to choose which house will get the once over for their decorations this year.

Polesden Lacey, Surrey –  2014


    1. Yes, most of them seem to open for Christmas now, I have a 50 mile radius allowance ha ha 🙂
      But I would like to do a medieval manor house…..its just finding one 🙂

  1. And it’s not too early to get a tree; we cut mine on Black Friday and my sister and brother-in-law helped put it up friday night. I haven’t decorated it yet, tho.

      1. We didn’t realise it was Black Friday, we were on our way to see Katie in hospital and I wanted to gets some bits to help cheer her up. We stopped at the supermarket and I couldn’t believe how may people there were……and then we realised 🙂 I just wondered if they were doing a special on the trees, real trees are quite expensive here now and I think I would have been tempted to have a real one at half price 🙂

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