Christmas Through the Ages – Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk


If you ever make your way to Norfolk, one of the National Trusts Houses that you should not miss is Oxburgh Hall.  The Hall Is a beautiful late 15th century moated manor house built by Sir Edmund Bedingfield.   But this is not a post on the history of the Hall, but Christmas 2013.  Oxburgh was our choice of house to visit for Christmas 2013, we like to visit a house each Christmas, well I do, husband comes under sufferance, mmmm thats what he says, secretly I think he enjoys them.

Christmas at the Hall for 2013 showed Christmas through the ages, as you progressed throughout the house, the Christmas decorations went from Modern to the 1400’s.   I will, one day post about the Hall, but for now, a few photos of that Christmas, which I tried very hard to take, minus the large amounts of bodies also wanting to have a look 🙂

For 2015, I have noticed that National Trust are celebrating what Christmas in the Hall would have been like a 100 years ago.  So we might return this year to have another peep into the life of this wonderful building.





DSC_0390 - Version 2









  1. Great pictures, Lynne! That looks like a good place to visit any time. That huge fireplace mantle really got my attention. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I’d probably stand there staring at it for quite a while. 🙂

    1. Thanks Pat, its a fascinating place, with lots of history. We have been quite a few times now, we went in the summer with all the flowers out in the gardens, it looked stunning…. I really must post that in the new year when we will all need a little sun shine 🙂

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