A Christmas Sitting Room – Polesden Lacey House

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So far the weather for the East of England’s run up to Christmas, continues to be wet, cold and windy, more than windy, verging on storm conditions.  Another night of howling winds, I have yet to see the damage in the garden as its still pitch black, again not much sleep.  Its a shame, as there are lots of little Christmas markets planned for today, but with high winds and rain, the weather is not being very accommodating.  So I think today is an indoor day, which means visiting some National Trust houses which have been decorated for Christmas.  I have a couple in mind, so we will have to wait and see what the day holds.  Last years National Trust House, Polesden Lacey near Dorking, was beautifully decorated and I would have no trouble in spending Christmas Day in this amazing sitting room.  Although there would have to be a roaring fire in the grate and a couple of dog baskets, lap top, and then I would feel perfectly at home……..I wish 🙂

12 Replies to “A Christmas Sitting Room – Polesden Lacey House”

  1. It would be a wonderful way to spend Christmas Lynne 🙂 The last time I went Polesden Lacey was over 25 years ago, to a jazz festival, if I’d known how nice the House was, we would have gone earlier in the day to have a look around it first! Mind you, I probably wasn’t so into ‘old’ houses etc back then, and blogs to write all about them of course didn’t exist!! Lol! Just that short period of time back, and people would have thought it fairly odd Lynne that you would want a computer with you over the Christmas period!! Lol!! 🙂
    What did we used to do before the internet??? Lol!

    1. Yes Andy it would be wonderful, but having spent today trying to visit a National Trust house with what seemed to be a about a 1,000 other people, its put me off somewhat. Think I will stick to my nice comfy sitting room at home 🙂
      Thats a good question, what did we do, I know I spent far too much time watching the TV, which now I hardly watch any at all. I read a lot, which I still do…… I really think that breaking the habit of watching the telly all the time, has freed me up to do lots of other things that I choose to do. Oh an of course I now listen to the radio, which is wonderful because you can blog and listen at the same time 🙂

      1. Lol!!! That was a wee bit busy!!!
        You’re right Lynne about watching telly, that is what most people did pre the internet! I didn’t have a tv for a number of years, but I did used to listen to the radio, something I don’t do much of these days! And in my case, I don’t read half as much as I used to, but I am constantly looking things up on the internet, so I guess I am sort of reading 🙂 When I’m blogging, I need very muted music so that I can concentrate – I think that stems back to doing homework in silence, I was never allowed to listen to anything whilst doing school work!! Lol!!! That makes my parents sound like ogres, something they most certainly weren’t 🙂

  2. Wonderful room! I like the yellow glow, makes things so cheery. Hope your day is going well and the garden has survived the wind.

    1. Thanks Pat, the garden survived last night, but tonight the wind is even stronger, so I’m not sure about tomorrow. We did go out to visit a house, ha ha so did about 1,000 or it seemed that amount of other people. Never seen anything like it. The weather didn’t help, everyone wanted to be under cover somewhere. I managed to get some photos, but Steve just wanted to leave, far too many people for him. But I got what I went for and some lovely Christmas greenery for the house, the birds had eaten all the berries on our holly trees, and you could buy loads for a couple of pounds, so I was quite happy with that. Oh and a big tree had come down in the road on the way home and we had to wait for someone to move it…..by the sound of it, plenty more will be down before morning. ….. as long as there is non of that white stuff 🙂 Hope your weather has been kinder to you 🙂

  3. You had quite a day, Lynne. I’m jealous of your holly, it doesn’t grow around here and is a bit costly. Can’t complain about our weather, above freezing most days and more sun than not. It won’t last, so I’m enjoying it while I can. Looking forward to your pictures.

    1. Sunshine…..now I’m jealous, no not really just glad someone has got some. Yes stuck lucky with the holly, just got to keep the berries on it until Christmas Day 🙂

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