1. Thanks Pat, I just happened to have camera in hand. We are having a terrible time at the moment, most motor ways are closed, the railway link to Scotland is closed, lots of flooding and thousands of places with out electric. I think at the moment we have had it rough, but not as bad as the rest of the uk, but the wind is still very strong. Ha ha, guess where its come from…..Maine, who have had their third wettest month on record, lets hope they don’t have a fourth one. We have had four storms in fours weeks, but this one is the worst for flooding as the land is saturated with pervious rain……hope we don’t sink 🙂

      1. Goodness, you were up later than me last night! But then I’ve always been an early bird. Hope you are still above water. Is this from Desmond? I thought it was more north of you. Of course the fringes of a storm can be pretty bad, too. Hope you can stay in where it’s warm and dry today. Don’t sink! 🙂

  1. Not much sleep last night Pat, as the wind was too loud even with double glazing. But its all stopped for the moment. Yes it hit north of us, being on the fringe of it was bad enough. I think it was Desmond, but I think he’s gone now, fingers crossed 🙂

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