Fairy Tale Rothenburg, Germany


Visiting Rothenburg ob der Taube, in Germany, is like visiting a walled fairy tale town, perched way up high on a hill, with cobbled streets and narrow alleyways…….and you can shop until you drop…….sorry I like shopping, especially here.  A few more photos from last years visit of 2014, this time in colour, with a few mono photos.

DSC_0524 - Version 2



DSC_0334 - Version 2





DSC_0331 - Version 2









    1. You would think that it would be very commercialised, but for some strange reason, its not. I think because its so beautiful and they just do Christmas as you think Christmas should be and its not just the shops, the churches were all beautifully decorated as well 🙂

  1. Pure magic~ I will always remember and treasure my Christmases in Germany~ Rothenberg although much larger reminds me a lot in it’s medieval bldgs. and streets set on the side of a hill, of a favorite place where we often went and shopped, Bernkastel
    on the Mosel River. Lovely photos~ I can almost recall what it felt like, the scents and the atmosphere. I miss it all the time but especially during December.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, and so evocative of many fairy tales, movies and other fantasy stories. There is something timeless about cobbled streets and arches over a thoroughfare that invites memories that I don’t even have, but wish I did.

    1. Thank you Susan, unlike you I am not a writer, so if my photos have bought about a response of a feeling of a memory that you have’nt got, then that to me is wonderful 🙂

      1. Very true. And there was a lot I never saw, as I was just out of college and somewhat limited financially..I’ll get back some day.

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