Happy New Year 2016


A bit late, but we have had internet problems, its the weather you know.  Well I hope everyone did have a Happy New Year, we did, mainly because it stopped raining for the day, but it turned really cold.  We went on a trip along the North Norfolk coast, which was enjoyable.  I bagged one castle, two churches which were both open, and revisited a manor house, we ended up at Cromer, just wish I could say this was Cromer today, but this is last years photo.  No, today was dark and very cold, more like winter should be, but now in the evening the rain and strong winds are back, still we were lucky New Years Day was at least dry 🙂


  1. Those clouds are fantastic, with their shadows on the water. Well done. We’ve dropped below freezing here. Ice is beginning to build up along the river edges. But it’s sunny. 🙂

  2. Glad you had a good day, Lynne, and I wish the weather was better too. Never mind, it will surely improve sometime, and meanwhile I wish you and Steve a very Happy New Year!

    1. Many thanks Jo and a Happy New Year to you and Colin. Yes it must surely start to get better soon, really looking forward to a nice warm spring…… with a bit of luck 🙂

    1. Happy New Year Stephanie and to your family. I did wonder yesterday that there were an awful lot of cars parked in Cromer, now I know why……we didn’t know about the fireworks, I bet they were good 🙂

      1. Luckily were we live in the Fens, we have had very little flooding, as all the waterways are monitored and around our garden we have three very large ditches or dykes and the water is drained off into the large rivers. There are hundreds of them which help to keep us from reverting back to the marshlands and sea, but of course this has taken hundreds of years to achieve . Its just not a case of building up the sides of rivers, its more controlling them, possibly they will have to think of similar ideas across the rest of the country, but it would take a long time for them to make all the country safe, but they will have to do something.

      2. The rest of the UK should definitely take a leaf out of the Fens book, as the saying goes. You would think that the lowest lying part of the UK would be the most prone to flooding Lynne, even with all of it’s dykes and ditches. It shows how some long term planning and thinking really works, unfortunately so much that is done these days (and the for the last 30 years or so), is done for short term gain, without consideration of the possible long term affects! 😦

      3. Yes Andy and flood plains are just that and not for housing estates, fine if they built the houses on stilts. We have a huge one near us and when the rivers are full, they flood over and harm no one. Its a amazing you can see water for miles, but thats what they are for. I think as you say someone just sees pound signs and once they flood, the poor house owner cannot get any insurance……so wrong 😦

      4. It is so wrong Lynne!!! And councils should be stronger at not giving planning permission in obvious flood plain areas! It makes you wonder how many councils even these days are still corrupt – some of these housing estates so clearly should never have been built!

      5. It does make you wonder, maybe they should put a clause in when they sell a house built a flood plain, if it floods we will buy it back from you, ha ha I don’t think so !

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