Holding Hands


I just love the way this couple are holding hands, it makes me smile.  Not something that happens with us…..entirely my fault, it is really hard to hold hands and take photos, anyway, the other half is normally ten feet in front of me….. he really doesn’t want to be identified with the mad woman taking shots of everything 🙂  Which reminds me, many years ago we took a Japanese friend to London, we did our normal thing, me taking photos, husband in front…..our friend turned to husband, and asked if I had any Japanese blood in me….no….thats really amazing, she’s taking far more photos than I am 🙂

Scarborough in Yorkshire 2015


  1. LOL!!!! You must take more photos than me Lynne, if you can out do a Japanese person!! 🙂
    It is wonderful to still see people holding hands, my wife and I do when we go into town, but like you Lynne, the rest of the time I’m too busy with a camera in my hands!

    1. The problem was he really meant it, I thought he was joking, but he was very Japanese and was quite sincere…..I took it as a complement LOL Yes it is nice to see people holding hands, sometimes we do, if in a busy place, but only so I can’t get lost 🙂

      1. It is definitely a compliment Lynne 🙂
        LOL!!! 🙂 I can quite imagine you wondering off taking photos and ending up miles away from your husband!!
        My wife dreads the words ‘I’ll just be 10 minutes’ when I’ve got my camera, invariably that means about 2 hours!! 🙂

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