The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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There are several beautiful mansions on Rhode Island, they are situated in Newport, which was quite convenient for us…….because that was where we were staying.  The sad thing about visiting them, you were not allowed to take photos of the interiors, and they made quite sure that there were no sneaky photos taken, two people in each room keeping a watchful eye on you.  ‘The Breakers’ is the jewel in the crown and you should really start your tour with this building, the interior is splendid and I am sure you can google it, if you want to have a peak, but I quite liked the exterior and gardens with their magnificent view of the ocean.  It was one of those really hot days when we were there in June 2105 and it was just a pleasure to roam around the grounds.

A little history for you – ‘The Breakers’ is a Vanderbilt mansion located on Ochre Point Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, United States on the Atlantic Ocean.  The reason the mansion is named ‘The Breakers’, not too difficult, named after the waves that continually crash into the cliffs below.  Cornelius Vanderbilt II bought a wooden villa called ‘The Breakers’ in Newport in 1885, which burnt down and in 1889 he had this amazing Mansion replace it.  I have added a small photo of the dinning room, which I have copied from a book, so you can have an idea of the gilt dripping interior.


The rich and famous built these wonderful buildings as, for want of a better word ‘seaside cottages’, nothing was too grand for them.  Unfortunately several of these amazing building were lost, demolished, as they became white elephants to their owners, far too expensive to run in modern times.  We have the The Preservation Society of Newport County to thank for saving the rest, as they preserve and protect the best of Newport County’s architectural heritage, its 11 historic properties and landscapes – seven of which are National Historic Landmarks.

So thats the first mansion visited and the next one, well I have to think about that one 🙂

7 Replies to “The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island, USA”

  1. What an incredible place! I’m going to have to spend some time studying these pics, there’s so much detail. Funny they were wealthy enough to build such an opulent place which eventually they couldn’t afford to maintain. Real glad some of these places were saved. Thanks, Lynne!

    1. Thanks Pat, I think labour was so cheap up until WW2 and a little after it, imagine how many people must be needed to look after its 70 rooms. Some were only used for a couple of weeks in the summer, amazing. But like you I am so glad that a lot were saved and I think we visited 5 or 6, I am going to post all of them……because I like them 🙂

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