Vanderbilt Grace, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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I think the other reason that I really loved our visit to Newport, Rhode Island, USA, 2015, was staying in this beautiful vintage Mansion, the ‘Vanderbilt Grace’ Hotel.  Vanderbilt Hall, as it was, was built in 1909 by Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, being one of many mansions in the area owned by the Vanderbilt family and maintains its original Beaux Arts features.  One of the many nice things about staying in this beautiful hotel was…….I could take as many photos as I wanted 🙂  I know……but having spent two days visiting the Mansions and not being able to take any interior shots, it was lovely to be able to take as many shots of the vintage parts of this beautiful building as I wanted to.


I have tried to find some history for you, but all I could find was that Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt built the mansion for his mistress, Agnes O’Brien Ruiz.

 The Mansion was enlarged in 2005 and now as the Vanderbilt Grace, comprises a luxurious hotel with 33 rooms and luxury suites with a sumptuous spa and fitness center with indoor and outdoor pools.  I feel a need to go back, it was a lovely three day stay and then we were off to the next Island, but I doubt it would top this one.






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    1. It is Jo, Steve picked all the hotels and really arranged the holiday after our nieces wedding. I just knew that we were visiting the Islands, but the rest was a secret. It made a change from our motor home LOL 🙂

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