Freswick Castle, Nr Wick, Caithness, Scotland

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On our visit to Scotland in 2014 we visited John O’Groats, as you do if you are at the top of Scotland, but on leaving and driving towards Wick, there are enough ‘Castles’ to keep the most ardent of castle hunters happy.  I certainly had my camera on ready to point mode at all times.  I knew we were not going to stop at any, as I had visited my castle for the day……Castle Mey, which had been one of the private homes of the Queen Mother.  Also we wanted to have a good look around Wick, but time was of the essence, so we had to get a move on.   The first large building to loom across the horizon was Freswick House or Castle, but whatever it is called, its a wonderful ‘Tower House’.  A lot has happened to the Castle, I am going to call it a castle, and since I took these photos, you can now get married there and take part in lots of different activities.  Just wished they did afternoon teas, but then I wish every functional castle opened for afternoon teas.

A little history that I found …..The Norse settled at Freswick. From about 1140 a castle called Lambaborg was built by Sweyn Asleifsson, a Norse pirate, on fearsome cliffs at Bucholie or Bucholly, a mile south of Freswick House. This later became known as Bucholie Castle and seems to have been abandoned in the 1660s.


The ruins of Bucholie Castle, not Freswick Castle.

At about the same time, a tower house dating, probably, from the 1400s and usually known as Freswick Castle, was significantly expanded into what became known as Freswick Tower and, after further expansion in the 1700s, Freswick House. It is worth noting a degree of confusion in some sources about naming of the two neighbouring castles, as Bucholie Castle has sometimes been referred to as Freswick Castle.


10 Replies to “Freswick Castle, Nr Wick, Caithness, Scotland”

  1. The age of these buildings just boggles my mind. Columbus hadn’t even sailed when these were built! I always enjoy a bit of history. 🙂

  2. Lovely, Lynne! What an interesting old place. Yes, how nice if all castles offered tea and scones!! 😉 I like the way it has grown from a ‘castle’ in its humble origins to a ‘house’ in its later glory! I also like the crumbling ruins of Bucholie, which look very fragile indeed.

    1. Thanks Jo, trying to get on top of my Scottish Castles, before late May. Yes there isn’t lot left of Bucholie, but I think it would have had a much stormy past 🙂

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