New Keiss Castle, Caithness, Scotland

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Following on from my last post of ‘Old Keiss Castle’, this is the other castle at Keiss, you can see the old castle in the background on some of the photos.

A little history…….The castle and surrounding grounds were purchased by Sir William Sinclair in 1710. His primary land holdings were in Dunbeath but he sold this in 1752 and soon after commenced building a new mansion house at Keiss. The new structure, which became known as Keiss Castle, changed hands several times and was extensively rebuilt into its current form by David Bryce in 1860.  The castle is privately owned.







11 Replies to “New Keiss Castle, Caithness, Scotland”

  1. Beautiful old building! Looks like they still have farm buildings and some cattle. Is it operated as a farm, or just for private use?

  2. That’s okay! It doesn’t look like there are any crops, which in June I would expect to see. But it’s just possible I don’t know what I’m looking for. 🙂

    1. Thank you Andy, yes it would keep kids occuppied on a wet day, you would most likely never find them again 🙂 I love the little turrets, you could sit and look out at the view and blog away quite happily 🙂

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