Castle With Red Bus

IMG_7251 - Version 2

As we were travelling on a train going past Conway Castle, Wales in 2012, it was very difficult to take photos out of the dirty smeary train windows, also it didn’t help that it was raining very heavily. This photo was about to go in the trash, when the red bus grew on me, I did think about changing it to mono, but that would mean losing the very thing I liked, the red of the bus.  So I have kept it to remind me of a lovely trip on a stream train, even though the weather was…… well not that pleasant 🙂


  1. The use of red as a focus to draw the eye is a classic gesture in art, of course. A well-known modern example is Stephen Spielberg’s sequence of a girl in a red coat in the otherwise monochrome (and heart-wrenching) Schindler’s List.

    Great composition, by the way, and well done for circumventing the blurry train window!

    1. Thank you and yes I had forgotten about the girl in the red coat. Normally I just record, but sometimes I like to spread my wings 🙂 and see how far I can go.

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