Corston Tower House, Fife, Scotland


I have gone back to 2013 and a trip that we made to St Andrews in Scotland, it was a work related, but I got to see the sites in St Andrew.  But on the way home I took these photos of a ruin building, near Strathmiglo in Fife.  Since 2013 I have been trying to find out what I had taken a photo of.  Today I have been trying to track down another castle building and suddenly there was my building.  Corston Tower, not a castle but a tower house, well nearly a castle, lots started life as tower houses and I have decided I am just going to group the two together 🙂


A little history………Corston Tower is a ruined 16th century tower house, of which only the east gable still stands. It was apparently almost intact until the 1880s, when a major collapse occurred leaving only the east end standing to its full height.  The house belonged to the Ramsay family and passed to the Colquhoun family about 1669. The remains were secured and lower part rebuilt by Lord Bute after his purchase of the property in 1888.




    1. I think that was his father the 2nd Marquess, this one, John Patrick Crichton Stuart the third Marquess died in 1900, so I think it’s John Patrick that we need to thank for saving what was left of the tower 🙂

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