I think we could all do with some lovely hot sunny weather at the moment, I know we could do with some on the east coast of England…..blowing a gale again tonight.  Which is why we are going to Cleethorpes, we actually went in 2011, but sorting through the never ending photos, I spied some blue skies.  All the photos were taken with my old iPhone 4, which didn’t do a bad job for a phone.

151_001 - Version 2

You can see how the pier has changed from this 1950’s, postcard, the basic shape it the same, there are just some additional structures and we can tell that the photo dates around this time, as the seaward section was breached during WW2.  The original pavilion which opened in 1867, was destroyed by fire in 1903.  In 1905 a new one was built, halfway along the pier, and also a cafeteria and shops at the entry from the promenade. The pavilion offered a venue for dances and concerts.  The pier has had varying amounts of openings and closures over the decades, in 2011 when we were visiting, it had just opened again.  But again it closed and re-opened several times since 2011.  It was refurbishment in 2015 and reopened at the end of the year, with what looks like to be a very nice restaurant.


Cleethorpes is a traditional seaside resort with miles of sandy beaches with plenty of amenities and activites, including donkey rides, a paddling pool and a boating lake.





10 Replies to “Cleethorpes Pier & Seaside”

    1. Many thanks…. I thought we could all do with some sunshine 🙂 Can’t wait for spring, but until then, I just wish the wind would stop….. and now its got colder, as your say…… brrrrrrr

  1. I’m glad to see blue sky, too. We’re just above freezing with a very chilly rain. One more month till spring! Cleethorpes sounds like a fun place to visit.

    1. Goodness me that sounds so cold, we just seem to have had it, wet and windy for weeks. Cleeethorpes is everything that a seaside town should be and of course they have miles of beautiful sandy beaches……. mmm, maybe a new category…. seaside towns, Steve wold like that 🙂

  2. Looks like a delightful place! Nice to be able to see that there is a thing such as summer. Your phone did a lovely job of picture taking!!

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