Ross Castle, Cleethorpes, North Lincolnshire


In 2011 we spent a day at the seaside, we went to Cleethorpes, which is on the north eastern coast of Lincolnshire.  As I am still on the mammoth task of clearing photos, for the those who might just be interested, 25,000 have so far gone in to the trash bin.  One of the good side effects of this never-ending operation is, I keep finding photos that I have long forgotten about, and which I can add to my blog.  So this is how we have ended up in Cleethorpes.  I have split it into three posts, as each is different.

This first post is about Ross Castle or…. not.  I really only noticed it as we were driving away, so I didn’t get a good look.  Its situated on Cleethorpes’ promenade in the heart of the town, and appears to be the ruins of an ancient castle, but it’s in fact a Victorian folly, built in 1863.

I have copied a little from the information board about the castle………As Cleethorpes was being developed as a holiday resort, following the arrival of the railways in the 19th-century, the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincoln Railway Company built a mile long promenade here to prevent continuing coastal erosion of the cliffs on which the town was sited.

Above the promenade the rail company decided to build the mock ruin as a visitor attraction and it was named Ross Castle after the company’s secretary Mr. Edward Ross.  The top of the castle is actually the height that the original cliffs once stood.  So although not really a castle, it does have a very interesting heritage, and one day I might get back to have a look at the view.



 I found an old postcard, which could be dated around the 1950’s, which shows that it hasn’t really changed a lot, but the pier has……which will be coming soon.




    1. You could be right, but they destroyed the seaward end of the pier during WW2, so it could be late 40’s 🙂 Yes… its be a hard slog with the photos, still some to go, but I am finding all sorts that I had forgotten about 🙂

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