Photos from old PC 2030

Way back in May 2005, we took a party of French friends to visit the ‘Black Country Living Museum’ in Dudley, West Midlands. It could not have been a colder day.  But on a plus side, it was great for taking photos, hardly anyone there.  The museum looks like it has changed a lot in the last ten years, but this is how I saw it then.  I would like to go back, but I’m not sure I would ever have it nearly all to myself again.  You might be wondering where our French friends were, in the pub of course, keeping nice and warm.  I wanted to try and make the museum look timeless, almost like looking through a pile of old postcards.  There are a couple of bodies hanging around, but hopefully not sticking out too much.  Of course ten years ago I had no idea I would use them for a blog, anyway I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane 🙂

Photos from old PC 2027

A little about the Museum…..The Black Country Living Museum is an open-air museum of rebuilt historic buildings in Dudley in the West Midlands of England. It is close to Dudley Castle in the centre of the Black Country.

Set in 26 acres the Black Country museum has over 40 buildings that recreate the atmosphere of life in the Midlands during the ‘Industrial Age’. Buildings include an old school, shops, houses, a cinema and an Inn.



Photos from old PC 2020

Photos from old PC 2011

Photos from old PC 2002


12 Replies to “The Black Country Living Museum”

  1. What a nice old place! There are some things there, in the kitchen and bathroom, that remind me of my gran’s house. Guess it’s not that far away, either! They look good in B&W – nice choice.

    1. Thank you Jo. Yes, lots that remind of my gran’s house too and we even had an old boiler in one of the old cottages we had…..not for long, it was one of the first things to come out 🙂

  2. Lovely evocative post ~ an era of which in many aspects I yearn a return to~ would be nice if we could still have that, intimacy and attention to personal interaction and detail which once everyone took for granted in the shops~ so much anonymity now ~ lack of caring personal interaction or quality goods or uniqueness~ it exists in spots but rare. It is the same ubiquitous chain shops and cheap goods from China that predominate. Lovely pics here and very nostalgic, if even a bit before our time~ certainly a world that that our grandparents knew and still existed in part even when we were children in more rural areas. I certainly recall some shops very like these both in England as well as in rural U.S. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Val, yes it was a very nostalgic trip into the past, well thats what I was hoping it would be. It doesn’t hurt to remember a more pleasanter time. I remember going with my mother into a big shop and hearing her called madam, and a chair to sit on, by shop assistants that all wore black dresses, I must have been very young. I think I have said before to you that we are lucky here that we still have lots of small shops, sometimes it is more expensive, but oh so much more nicer, than as you say goods from China, I would rather buy British, but unfortunately we are not self sufficient. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip though 🙂

      1. I know what you mean Lynn ~ no country in the world anymore is even half as self sufficient as they once were ~ our markets glutted with cheap goods from China more than any other nation. Of course , small independent shops cannot compete with the massive chain stores ~ in price, so they either have to cater to those who have quite a bit of money to spend ~ otherwise I don’t suppose most of them would survive . I am sure you know that both our countries could manufacture far more goods than they do but our companies and corporations chose to outsource so they did not have to pay their employees as much ~ and abandoned their own people ~ at least they did in droves in the U.S~ It seemed to really start in the 1980’s and they have never turned back… I hope there will be a return to more of a balance in goods one of these days~ so we could have a bit of both ~ would be great if people could make a living right in their own country from locally made things as well as have some imports.

    1. Thanks Pat, I wasn’t too sure about it, but the more photos I changed to B & W, the more it seemed to work. Its one time that I was thankful for cold weather, lots of modern bodies around and it would not have worked or even with people in period dress 🙂

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