The Power of Stream


The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, a beautiful trip from Pickering to Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.  Just a few photos that I took back in 2011, a few different engines, all making lovely steam 🙂










    1. Yes there is something special about them 🙂 I remember travelling on them too, it was also the smell and the noise that I loved. Yes there are quite a few now, lovely to see them in full steam. Nice to hear you have one there as well 🙂

  1. Wish I had such memories! I think it’s time for another visit to the railway museum. As soon as the weather warms up. Wonderful pictures Lynne!

    1. Thank you Pat, thank goodness its something that both Steve and I enjoy. These photos are from our weekend away to celebrate 25th wedding anniversary 5 years ago. We would love to do the Orient Express this year to celebrate 30 years, but some how I think that would be just a little expensive. But it might be the fast Euro Train to Paris……maybe 🙂 Anyway I’m glad I’ve kindle an urge to visit the museum, just hope the weather warms up quickly, there and here 🙂

  2. I love trains. There’s a freight train that goes though the little town of Midville, I love to hear its whistle. The steam engines are nice looking engines.

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