The Isaac Bell House, Newport, Rhode Island, USA


On holiday in 2015 we visited this house, known as ‘An American Shingle Style Masterpiece’  I am so glad that this building was one of the ones that was saved in Newport, Rhode Island, along with the other bigger Mansion Houses.

‘The Isaac Bell House’ is a large house, built as a summer “cottage” in 1882-1883, and is an early work of the architects McKim, Mead, and White.


It is a typical example of the Shingle Style, and it is distinguished by the extreme open character of its planning. Designed for Isaac Bell, a wealthy cotton broker and investor, the house passed through a succession of owners until the Preservation Society of Newport County bought it in 1996.


The Bamboo porch columns.

The house was very innovative for its time and I just loved the bamboo-style porch columns.  The interior was Japanese-inspired with an open floor plan, and sliding doors.  We were not allowed to take interior shots, even thought the interior was empty.  I did manage to take a shot through the door, well I wasn’t inside the building.  I have a feeling that if the guide had seen me, it would have been delate, delate, delate, but it does give you a little glimpse of this wonderful building.  It is a very beautiful Arts and Crafts house and I’m just going to let the photos show you how beautiful.


The sneaky interior shot.


More bamboo porch columns with dragons.








June 2015


  1. Fantastic! I love a lot of detail and this is loaded with it. I agree with you on the bamboo columns, the dragons are great! The different patterns in the shingles are interesting. And I love that the chimneys look a bit like pagodas. I’m sure the inside was quite good, too. Well done! 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, it was a pleasure to take the photos, I had to wait until most of the people had gone inside for some of the photos, there were quite a few who had come to look. The inside was good, but the exterior was extra special 🙂

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