The Elms Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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The Elms was the third Newport Mansion that we visited on our second day in Newport, Rhode Island, 2015.  By this time we were both feeling just a little bit tried, what with the heat and all the walking…..these Mansions are huge.  Again no photos allowed inside, so I have copied one from a book, just so you have an idea, of how opulent they are.



This stunning Newport mansion was the summer home of coal magnate Edward Julius Berwind.  Mr Berwind and his wife Sarah commissioned Horace Trumbauer to build them a home modeled after the French Château d’Asnières in 1898.


The house was completed in 1901, and remained in the family until the early 1960’s. It was purchased by the Preservation Society of Newport County in 1962, within weeks of being demolished (yes, they were really going to demolish it!). It became a National Historic Landmark in 1996.

The estate was constructed from 1899 to 1901 and cost approximately 1.5 million dollars to build. Like most Newport estates of the Gilded Age, The Elms is constructed with a steel frame with brick partitions and a limestone facade.




In keeping with the French architecture of the house, the grounds of The Elms, were designed in French eighteenth-century taste and include a sunken garden.  We didn’t get as far as the sunken garden, due to my other half, who had sat down and totally refuse to move another inch in the heat.  I did venture a little, but I was suffering slightly, well more than that, so we decided to call it a day and head off to our hotel for a rest before dinner.  We still had two to explore before we left Newport the following day.

7 Replies to “The Elms Mansion, Newport, Rhode Island, USA”

  1. That is a very big house! I like the Sphinx by the front door, they look rather charming for such a fierce beast. 🙂 Next time you come try spring or fall. If the weather was that hot you probably wouldn’t get me out of the hotel. 😀

    1. This one was quite good for sight seeing, as you could just wander around the rooms. Also it had a lovely shop, where I bought a green straw hat, that once on, never left my head while we were out, for the rest of the holiday. We just had to learn to take it easy and not rush around… still it wasn’t as hot as it had been in Washington, that was awful, but it was apparently even bad by Washington standards. We had snow last night, but its all gone now, not like Scotland….. I so want to take some snow photos, we are going to Yorkshire on Friday, so hopefully I might get to see some snow then 🙂

  2. The paintings sure are awesome! Beautiful place. If you don’t like heat and you plan to visit the south come in late fall or early spring!! Summer can run rather warm here. 😊

    1. The house is full of beautiful pictures, just a shame you are not allow to take photos. I’m not sure if we will be back, my husband really hates flying and I mean it makes him ill with fright, so I have been lucky enough to get him to come over twice, but after the last flight, he said thank god I will never have to do that again….not sure if that means we can come a third time, never mind, you never know 🙂

      1. I hate the seats on an airplane, I hurt for days after sitting in one of those things. The sad part is that longest I’ve ever had to sit in one is 6 hrs…..can’t imagine what it would be like for long flights. So I travel by computer….. 😊in my recliner!

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