Bridgnorth Railway Station, Shropshire


Bridgnorth railway station is a station on the Severn Valley Railway heritage line, serving the Shropshire town of Bridgnorth, England.

Following on from yesterdays post, we arrived back at Bridgnorth railway station, to find plenty going on, lots of engines puffing about.  This is a really lovely interesting station to visit, even if you are not travelling on the train and there is a very good old fashioned pub the  ‘Railwayman’s Arms’ .  So while the long suffering other half, not really suffering as he had a pint in his hand, sat in the sunshine, yes the sun had come for beer drinking, I took some photos 🙂

The next post is the trip back to Kidderminster.








      1. Yes indeed, I did write a blog post about my time on the railway, perhaps I will now have to write about my time at the safari park too. The only problem is I have no photos of my time there, but I can certainly remember some great weekends spent working there whilst I was studying at a nearby college…

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