Mill Street Old Burial Ground, Ullapool, The Scottish Highlands


The last post on Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands of 2014, is the Mill Street Old Burial Ground. We had walked along the seafront, when I noticed the old cemetery over looking the loch.  It was getting a little late, but it would be the only chance I would get to take some photos, as we were leaving the following day.  So I walked through the old iron railing gates and then in front of me appeared the most wonderful view of Loch Broom.  There was just enough light left to record this, the oldest established burial ground in Ullapool, dating from the towns creation in 1788.








  1. Great place and great photos! The clouds were really helping you out that day. 🙂 Any idea what the structure is behind the fence? Doesn’t quite look like a mausoleum.

    1. Thanks Pat. I have spent quite a while trying to find out what the building was, but no luck. But I did see some other ones similar on the Islands, although not mausoleum, they were like little buildings made of stone with the graves inside. I will have to find them and have a look and post them 🙂

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