Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, Loch Fyne, Scotalnd

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No I haven’t become a food blog, but when we have been out and about, we have been to some nice eateries, sorry I just like that word.  We work in the ‘Catering Industry’ and we are bombard all day long by different restaurants.  So a food blog would be a nightmare for me, no……. there will be just the odd post about a few nice eating places we have come across.

We visited Loch Fyne Oyster Bar on Loch Fyne in May 2013, its the original Loch Fyne and was founded in the 1970’s, they specialises in serving up seafood produced on the loch and in the in-house smokery.  The location is wonderful and they have a food fair every year, which if you are in Scotland in the middle of May, is a must 🙂


 Situated in Argyll at the point where the mountains meet the sea waters of Loch Fyne, in Clachan, Cairnow, its open all the year.  One thing I didn’t do, was to take a photo of the view over the loch from this room, it is wonderful……oh dear will just have to go back this year and eat another beautiful meal and take photos of the view 🙂





  1. I can’t eat shellfish but The Child Bride (whose Mum was a war bride from Widnes) says that when we do out Britain trip we will be sure to stop in for the lobster (I’ll have a meat pie, thank you).

    1. You’ll be alright they do venison and game, not sure if they do them in meat pies, might do posh ones LOL 🙂 Please tell the Child Bride, the lobster is amazing 🙂

  2. Do not bring your work home! Unless your one of those people who lives and breathes their work. Usually artists. 🙂 This looks like a lovely place. Is that a collection of oyster plates on the wall? You definitely need to go back and get more photos. We really need to see what that view is like. 🙂

    1. No I really try to leave it all at work, Steve does as well, as we work together, we try to make a rule once through the front door, work waits until the next day. Yes they are oyster plates and they are majolica, which I collect….but I haven’t got any of these. We will be going back this year, just hope its not raining this time round, it was so wet last time, but it was still fun 🙂

      1. Have collected over 25 years, its amazing what you can pick up in charity shops and out of the way antique shops. Not to everyones tastes, but I just love, have got lots of jugs and plates, with some other bits 🙂 My grandmother had a beautiful basket, but when she died it went missing, oh well thats what happens 🙂

      2. I always wanted a fish pitcher. But since I don’t use pitchers I resisted. Now I’ve had to downsize, so it’s probably a good thing I never got it. I would have hated giving it up. 🙂

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