Duirinish & Hairy Highland Cattle – Scotland

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While on holiday in Scotland 2013, we were driving to Plockton, when we came through this lovely crofting village of Duirinish.  What caught my attention were the hairy Highland Cattle, we are used to seeing them up in the hills, but here they were sunbathing on the pasture by the river, in the middle of the village..  I was very brave, well I was told to get out of the car and take photos, otherwise we would drive on….he was just getting his own back for all the times I make him stop……. I’ll own up, I’m not that happy around cows, least of all, of ones with the biggest horns I have ever seen.


I got out the car, and I sort of hid behind the car…… but they seemed alright, just really ignored me all together.  But I did keep my distance and tried not to annoy them, because they are big and a sign said caution 🙂


Duirinish is found just under four miles north east of Kyle of Lochalsh and just under a mile south west of Plockton.  You drive through the centre and realise its a lovely preserved crofting township, standing a little back from both the north and south banks of the Allt Dhuirinish.


You leave the village by way of a massive stone built bridge, built by Thomas Telford in 1826.


6 Replies to “Duirinish & Hairy Highland Cattle – Scotland”

  1. I wonder if those cattle are any relation to Texas Longhorns. http://tinyurl.com/hv6bzrv I would love to give them an ear scratch, but only under the supervision of the owner. 🙂 Lovely setting, blue sky, white houses, green grass and red cattle. Just made for picture taking. 🙂

    1. Oh my , I thought these had big horns, would not have got out of the car if they had been there. I should think somewhere is the past they might be related, oh wow those are long long horns 🙂

  2. I checked on Wiki and they did originally come from Spain, so maybe they were related at some point. Why any cattle would evolve horns that long is beyond me. Seems like the horns would be more trouble than they’re worth. Even on the Highland breed! 🙂

  3. A nice looking herd of cattle. The cows with calves may be unfriendly,not as likely though being they have older calves but the ones laying down look like they don’t have a care!! I’ve had to shimmy under a fence before because of a very protective mama. Lol!! Cozy village.

    1. Yes they are lovely looking cattle, I didn’t get too close, I think they were use to the villagers, but it was close enough for me. That sounds a bit scary, I will remember that about mums and little ones, and keep well away 🙂

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