The Applecross Peninsula, Wester Ross, The Highlands of Scotland

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In 2013 after we had visited Plockton, we made our way to Applecross.  Everyone had told us that if we were up this far in the Scottish Highlands, Applecross was a must.  Well the pass that takes you up into the mountains is ‘The Bealach na Ba’, in English, ‘Pass of the Cattle’, it rises to 2,053ft in height from sea level in about five miles, and is the most spectacular pass in Scotland. It also provides some of the most challenging driving in the country. It is single track throughout and the warning signs at its foot, including one deterring learner drivers, and caravans….we were in a motorhome, all I can say is never again.  The views are breathtaking, but although there are passing points, these were car size, not large motorhome size and for someone who is not happy up a ladder, it was hard going.  When we got to the top, of course there were motor homes galore in the car park.  We decided not to come back down, but drive right the way around the peninsula and I am so glad we did, we saw some of the most beautiful landscapes that you can see in Scotland.

10 Replies to “The Applecross Peninsula, Wester Ross, The Highlands of Scotland”

  1. Fantastic scenery. Sorry you had such a bad trip up. I’m not too good at that either. They say it’s easier if you’re driving because you have some sense of control. That red roof is really something. Is that a private home? Lovely seeing the lamb. Perfect for Easter weekend. 🙂

    1. Ha ha, if I had been driving, we would have gone backwards, I have enough trouble on the flat 🙂 I think the red roof could be a holiday cottage, but it could be a private home, its difficult to tell nowadays. The lamb was lovely, I just wish our weather was, Good Friday was beautiful, blue skies and really warm….today, strong rain, with strong winds, back to like it was in February…. that puts paid to any gardening we had planned, never mind will have to paint the bedroom instead 🙂

      1. Oh, dear! I’d much rather garden than paint. But it will be good to have it out of the way.

  2. Absolutely stunning photos. I could live in that red-roofed house–or in any of the white house, for that matter.

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