Mealt Waterfall & Kilt Rock, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

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On a our drive around the Isle of Skye in 2013, we did come across some amazing sites, but I think this was one of the best…… the spectacular Kilt Rock.  It was a little difficult to get really good photos, as there were a lot of bodies milling around, I have nothing against bodies, but not in my photos when I want try my hand at landscapes.  I also have this thing about heights, so I guess I could have hung over the fencing like some of the bodies, but that was never going to happen even if I didn’t have a thing !

The famous Kilt Rock is a sea cliff, north east in between Portree and Staffin.  There is a large car park and trying to keep upright, you make your way to the fence, and you look north up the coast to see the Kilt Rock.  Closer by is the Mealt Waterfall, which free falls over the edge of the cliff and sometimes when the wind is really strong, the water never hits the bottom, but is blown away.  The 200ft high cliffs marked in an almost tartan-like pattern by the rock strata give the cliffs their name.  It is worth a stop to have a look and at sometimes of the year the seabirds are amazing, but not on our visit.

The following photos are looking south, which are really just as spectacular in a different way.



The last photo is of a wonderful rock formation, which you can see just before you reach the cliffs, its bound to have a name,  they all have names, but at the moment I have no idea 🙂



11 Replies to “Mealt Waterfall & Kilt Rock, Isle Of Skye, Scotland”

  1. Geologically, Kilt Rock looks like a basalt formation. Stunning! Part of an old volcano. Devil’s Tower in Wyoming is like that I was a kid the first time I saw it and my jaw was dragging on the ground for several minutes. I’m not sure if the last photo is the same sort of thing or not. It’s really striking, too. I would really enjoy taking pictures of all the interesting geological formations in the British Isles, but I think it would take a lifetime. And then there’s the churches, castles, gardens, etc. I guess I’ll just keep following your blog. 🙂

    1. Ha ha, oh I have that problem all the time, I cannot just keep to one or two subjects, when there are some many wonderful places to visit and see, and I know that I will never get to see all my bucket list, actually I have stopped, because I can’t do the impossible and I’m now just happy to explore what ever comes my way 🙂 But this was a lovely to see, It is big, but a little difficult for me to show how big. I will google Devils Tower as it sounds intriguing and I am guessing rocks, are something you are really interested in 🙂

    2. Oh wow, I have just had a look at Devil’s Tower, how awesome is that, I think my jaw would be dragging too…. now if I had a bucket list it would be on it 🙂

  2. Yes, I do love rocks! A favorite since I was a kid. If you ever saw “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” you’ve seen Devil’s Tower. It had a major role. 🙂

      1. If I’m remembering it right, (a big if) that was the “plug” of a volcano. Over time the softer part was worn away and the core of hardened lava left standing on it’s own. I love volcanoes, too. From a safe distance. 🙂

      2. One of the islands in the inner Hebrides is an old volcano, flat with just a little of the core left and its nick name is something like the mexican hat, I love seeing it, looks really strange out in the ocean 🙂

    1. Yes they are wonderful, would love to see them from the sea 🙂 By the way, I bought a copy of ‘The Old Straight Track’ and hopefully will start to read it this weekend, have dipped into it and had a look at the photos, so I am looking forward to it 🙂

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