St Andrews Castle, St Andrews, Scotland


 We were visiting St Andrews on the East Coast of Scotland back in 2013 on a work related visit, but we had a free day, so we had a chance to explore this wonderful place…and surprisingly its not all about golf.  The romantic ruins of St Andrews Castle sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands and the adjoining North Sea.  The castle looks dramatic looking from afar, almost ethereal looking.



The Castle is the ruins of the castle of the Archbishops of St Andrews, dating in part from the 13th century and part built out of the solid rock.  The site was fortified by the 1100s, and from around 1200 it was adopted as the main residence of the bishops and archbishops of St Andrews.  I didn’t have time to explore the interior, but you can get the feel of the castle from the exterior and I really think seeing it from the beach is best way to view the ruins..


The castle has been battered from centuries of wars, sieges and high tides, but remains a fascinating visit on any trip to St Andrews.


  1. Great pictures, Lynne! What an imposing place that would have been. Is. The view from the castle reminds me of some of the pictures you took on your trip to the US. I could live with a view like that. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, yes it would have been amazing to have seen it whole. To me it looks like a sandcastle that small children build on the beach 🙂 By the way I haven’t finished the US yet 🙂

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