Three Bridges & Waterfall at Invermoriston, Scotland

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Invermoriston is a small village a few miles from Fort Augustus in the Highlands of Scotland.  We were driving through in 2013, when I saw a sign for a waterfall.  We parked the car in the little car park, and wandered through some woods until we came to the River Moriston Falls, which were lovely, but I would think after a storm it could be quite spectacular.


There is a little hut, that when you enter and look through the window, you can see another reason for stopping and exploring, a Thomas Telford bridge.



The first bridge you see is the replacement bridge of 1933, but behind is the old bridge, one of nearly a thousand that Thomas Telford built between 1800 and 8019.  The following information board, although a bit worn, gives you some details.





We walked over the bridge, but its a shame that it needs a little TLC, as it is a tourist attraction, but I wonder how much longer it will be safe to cross.  I also think that the replacement bridge fits well into the surroundings, and makes a nice frame for the old bridge.


But what I found quite fastening, was the Pack Horse Bridge that we found next to to the two bridges, unfortunately I have no details about it.




6 Replies to “Three Bridges & Waterfall at Invermoriston, Scotland”

    1. You would love this Jo, as there is a nice walk along the river and the bridges are really interesting, even the newest bridge sit well in the landscape. Would be good to go after a storm or heavy rain, then the waterfalls would be amazing 🙂

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