A Pile of Peat, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

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While sorting through some more photos, I found this one and thought you might like to see what peat looks like, after yesterday post, about the Blackhouse.  This is what they would have burnt in the Blackhouse and it would have been free.  We were told by someone who lives on the Isle of Lewis, that everyone who lives there, has a right to go and collect peat and it is free.  So if you have the energy to go and dig up the peat, but it must be done the correct way, you can have free fuel…. if you live there 🙂

Just out of interest the house behind the big pile, is quite a nice ‘Whitehouse’, the house that they bought into the Isles to replace the old Blackhouse ones.  It never really worked, as most were built with no damp course and therefore the walls would end up running with water, but some were saved, and it looks like this one was.

From our visit in 2014

6 Replies to “A Pile of Peat, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides”

  1. That looks like a lot of peat! But then, looking past the house at all that water, I imagine they have a lot of cool weather even besides the winter. And yet, what a beautiful view. 🙂

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