As I am English, I am going to celebrate St George’s Day 2016, with this beautiful stained glass window of the Saint, which is in St Peter’s & St Paul’s Church, Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.

10 Replies to “St George’s Day 2016”

    1. I’m sad to say, not a lot of celebration goes on for poor old St George, use to many years ago, but part from a lot of FB photos and some blogs, thats it…..but I like do my bit and post a window each year for St George’s Day, which is for the English, St David for the Welsh, St Patrick for the Irish and St Andrew for the Scottish, they are all celebrated at different days of the year πŸ™‚

      1. The USA doesn’t celebrate any other St ,just St. Patrick. It isn’t a religious holiday here, like Easter or Christmas. It’s has to do with honoring the Irish immigrants that came here years ago. I think Ga must have a lot of Irish in it as it holds annual festivals,and parades. The wearing of the green is fills the day. A fun day.

      2. It sounds a lovely way to celebrate it, I like the idea of wearing green, ad I have seen big St Patrick Day parades in America on the telly in years gone past πŸ™‚

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