Mallaig, Scotland – At the end of the Road

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At the end of our drive along the ‘Romantic Road to the Isles’ to Mallaig in Scotland 2013, just over an hour from Fort William, we caught our ferry to Skye.   On this years holiday, I would like to return to Mallaig and go on one of the smaller ferries to the Small Isles of Muck, Eigg, Rum and Canna, needs to be good weather though 🙂








13 Replies to “Mallaig, Scotland – At the end of the Road”

  1. Great photos, Lynne. It looks like such a charming village. 🙂 That’s an interesting statue, do you happen to know it’s story? You found some good clouds again. 🙂

    1. Hi Pat many thanks and I found this about the statue …….A striking statue of an eight foot tall fisherman, holding a young girl’s hand and pointing out so sea, has been given to the port of Mallaig by its sculptor, Mark Rogers of Airor in Knoydart. Mark originally used a chicken wire base onto which he moulded cement to make the figures, the biggest piece of work he has done so far. But when he knew they were going to be erected on Mallaig Pier he cut off the legs and cast them again in concrete, to withstand gales. Mark has lived at Airor since 1999, starting up Knoydart Sculptural Services.

  2. Always a pleasure to poke around Mallaig. There used to be a nice bookshop, but I don’t know if it’s still there. And a friendly seal in the harbour! Love your b&w shots, Lynne.

  3. Great photos Lynne 🙂 And I sincerely hope the weather warms up for you, at the moment, you’ll definitely be needing all your winter woollies and thermals with you! But I did notice this coming weekend, we are having a slight increase in temperature up here 🙂

    1. Oh dear I think you are so right, I am packing lots of soxs. The weather here has taken a turn for the worse, so cold today, but really lovely on Sunday, such strange weather. Oh well we are taking the little car with us, so we will just have to have drive arounds, if its too cold 🙂

      1. Lol! Just as well you weren’t coming up this weekend, we are on a yellow warning for snow tonight and tomorrow, we’ll probably get the largest snowfall we’ve had all winter! But at least it is showing signs of warming up next week 🙂

      2. Ha ha so am I, although it would be different having a snow holiday, would get some great photos……you have to look on the brighter side of life 🙂

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