Gone Fishing


We are off on our travels again on Wednesday, back up to Scotland and this time to stay on the Islands of Jura and Islay for the Whiskey Festival.  Husband is really happy, me, I get to add two Islands to my list and take lots of photos, and have a little dram, with lots of water, sorry 🙂 Oh and also to visit as many distilleries as possible and hopefully a few churches and castles for me……I wonder what we will visit the most 🙂

The above photo was taken near Inveraray, Scotland, on our holiday 2 weeks ago.


  1. Unique boat.. Is it really a fishing boat? castles churches or just island pictures ..they all sound interesting to me. Have fun!!!

    1. We are back, not sure I could have lasted much longer. As Steve was driving, I had to taste the whiskey for him…..with lots of water. But they are both wonderful islands and I feel we have been away so much longer 🙂 I did manage to visit some old chapels and tomb stones, but we are going back next year, as I didn’t get to see everything…..funny but we did visit 7 of the distilleries, still I can post about them 🙂 But it will not be at festival time again, Jura was brilliant, but Islay was far to busy.

      1. You did pretty well – 7 distilleries! Did Steve not taste any of the whisky at all? Glad you managed to see some chapels, look forward to hearing about them! Never been to Islay during festival time – usually March or October. Bet there were lots of wild flowers. Always lovely! 🙂

      2. Oh he did have little sips of mine, they wouldn’t give you any if you were driving. But he did ok on Jura and in the evenings, in the pub 🙂 Oh and 3 yesterday, we stayed in Dumbarton, and during the afternoon found some more !! Yes lots of flowers and lots of midges, horrible things.

  2. I feel so bad for you, having to taste all that whiskey yourself. Can’t believe Steve didn’t ;et you drive some so he could do some sampling. Hope you brought some home for him.

    1. Oh yes Pat, he got spoilt rotten, more than he can ever drink. We took the big car which I can’t drive, his choice 🙂 He got little tiny sips, but on Jura he got to drink loads, as we stayed in the hotel next to the only distillery on the island 🙂 They are both beautiful islands 🙂

    1. Nice, we had some rain one evening, but the rest was dry and quite warm…. Islay is nice, it was just a bit busy because of the festivals, but you can see when I put the photos on 🙂

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