We are back from our travels after visiting the Islands of Islay and Jura for the Whisky Festivals that are held every year.  The Southern Hebridean Islands are off the west coast of Scotland and it takes about two hours on a ferry to reach Islay and then another ferry of about 15 mins to reach Jura.  Islay has eight Malt Whisky Distilleries and Jura has one, we visited all but one.  The one was too busy, so we will save that one for a return visit 🙂

I managed to visit some ancient sites and again took way too many photos, should keep me going for the next couple of years !!!  The tree was taken on the way up to Scotland, somewhere in Yorkshire, I just liked the shape…..so now its back to sorting photos and try to make them into some kind of posts 🙂

May 2016

8 Replies to “Tree with Sheep”

  1. The lighting in the sky is amazing, and particularly effective in b/w. 🙂
    And yes, it would have to be Yorkshire (where I grew up) because there were always sheep in fields there. 🙂
    Your Scottish trip sounds like it’s been great fun 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 We really must have a holiday in Yorkshire, we always seen to be travelling through it, although we did visit Harrogate twice this year to buy a car, so got to visit a couple of places……still have them to post 🙂 This trip to Scotland was a lot of fun, meet some nice people of all different nationalities…….just glad they all spoke English 🙂

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