Sun, Sand, Sea & Me on the Isle of Tiree, Scotland

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Just to prove I did go on holiday, at the moment with the weather so bad here in the Fens, it seems so long ago.  This was one of my husbands iPhone photos, of me taking a photo of him.  Tiree has many beaches like this, really beautiful.

A quick update on the possible loss of my photos, we think they are being download at the moment on to an external drive.  Some how the IT guys managed it get it started, but is going to take quite few hours until we really know it has worked, hopefully it will.  On a sadder note or not, I had to have a new Mac, I for one hate having to learn something new, when I am so use to something, what ever it is.  So this is my first photo and it wasn’t so bad, I will get use to it.  Some good points, the laptop is a lot lighter than the old one, and a lot quicker, and is now attached to the cloud, plus a really up to the minute external drive.  So hopefully It will never happen again, ha ha until next time 🙂

12 Replies to “Sun, Sand, Sea & Me on the Isle of Tiree, Scotland”

  1. Lovely photo of the photographer. And the scenery. 🙂 So glad your photos are going to be saved. Takes a while to learn the new stuff, but you’ll get there. Really! 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, it was lovely there 🙂 Well the photos are now on the external drive ha ha we now have to work out how to look at them……going to leave that until tomorrow 🙂 The new laptop is much better than the old one really, learning new stuff all the time, just took me about 30 mins to work how to straighten a photo, I know now 🙂

  2. Well done, Lynne, glad there was a happy ending, and I am sure you’ll love your new laptop soon! Love the pic of Tiree – somewhere I’d love to go, just to see the beaches!

    1. Jo you would really like Tiree, it is very flat with a hill at one end, but the most wonderful beaches and lots of history, but no castle, which is strange as Coll, right next door has two. We took the car across, as prices have dropped on the ferries and drove up every single road, the people are really friendly. Not sure I could live there, I could live on Islay or Mull, but theses really out of the way Isles are too far from the mainland for me, 4 hours on the ferry twice a week, hardly a quick trip for shopping over to the mainland, but they do have the good old co-op 🙂

      1. Would love to go there, Lynne. Did you go for the day? Not sure if that’s even possible. Yes, we would like to live on Mull, even Islay – but the other islands are quite remote (although romantic!)

      2. We went for the day, its the ferry that continues on to Barra, its an early start, you have to be at the ferry for 6.30 leaves at 7.30 and it takes about 4 hours and then we caught the ferry back at 5.00, which gave us about 5 hours on the Island, which really is more than enough if you take the car. The ferry stops at Coll on the way and you get to see the castles along the coast as you go on to Tiree.

      3. Fantastic! I found an old post you’d done about Coll – maybe wasn’t following you then. Very interesting to see the castles. I didn’t realise you could do that in a day!

      4. Oh yes, but the only problem is you can only do one at a time, so we did Coll one year and now Tiree, but they are worth a visit. So next year we are going to do Arran and Bute, plus some smaller islands and the rest of Killmartin, hopefully.

      5. There is a wonderful burial ground on Tiree and I found a couple of ancient grave slabs just still in the ground, it was great to see them where they have laid for centuries. I will post about them later. But you must go, they are worth the early rise and the ferry trip, which I quite enjoy 🙂

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