Strathclyde Country Park, Scotland


For this years holiday to Scotland with our motorhome, we stopped on route overnight at the Caravan Club site in Strathclyde Country Park, Scotland,  It just meant we could leave a bit later and miss heavy morning traffic on the way.  We have always travelled overnight before, but with all the lorries now travelling non stop day and night, it is not worth it and we normally have to park up and have a nap away.  So of course once we were parked up Nancy wanted to go for a walk and take us with her, such a thoughtful little dog 🙂  She was right, it was a lovely walk and the photo of the empty path, was not empty a second before, a deer ran across, but I didn’t even catch its shadow.







  1. The path looks lovely even without the deer. I think Nancy picked a great place for a walk. 🙂 I’m not too crazy about driving in that kind of traffic either. But I’ve also found that in bad weather the safest place may be behind one of those big guys. What are the floats for in the lake? Thanks for the sunset, it’s beautiful.

    1. She’s a clever girl 🙂 The floats are lanes for boat racing i.e. rowing boats. Driving all night never use to worry Steve, but his getting a bit older and gets a little tired now, he would do it in the car, but the motorhome is a different kind of driving, he has to think more with the little car on the back 🙂 Ha ha wish we could see some more sunsets, but its just so wet at the moment, although we did have a little sun, yesterday afternoon 🙂

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