Loch Long to the Falls of Lora, Scotland

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Just some of the scenery that we pass on our trips to Scotland.  For me the holidays really start at Loch Long and then all the way to the ‘Falls of Lora ‘ just out side of Oban, with Inveraray as a watering hole if required.

All the photos are taken from the car window in May 2o16.  The Highland Cattle photo is not that great, but I had to zoom right in for them, but what is Scottish scenery without them.























19 Replies to “Loch Long to the Falls of Lora, Scotland”

  1. Wonderful pictures Lynne! The reflections, the castle, hills, bridges, wow! So much in one post. 🙂 I did find the statue amusing. A twist on the usual pigeon. 😀

    1. Thank you Pat, I though you might see the pigeon, I loved that 🙂 Its a wonderful drive and you end going around lots of lovely lochs 🙂

      1. Know that feeling of no time…. Wish at times one could hold those clock hands still for just a bit in times like that!!

    1. It was ok last week, but I think it has turned nasty and rainy up there now. But then we are going to have rain again from Thursdays onwards, and it looks like forever !!!

      1. Did you see the news about the flash floods in London yesterday, my husband was in London, but a different part, but apparently they had terrible thunderstorms for hours during last night. So glad that was not here, we have had 2 really lovely days, ha ha summer all in one go 🙂

      2. No I didn’t see that news. Flash floods are scary!
        Here in CT today we have berg winds – that blow from the interior and are Hot! – winter?? 🙂

  2. Splendid gallery, Lynne! 🙂 I particularly like the way mountain profiles are echoed not just in the loch reflections but also by the shape of bridges and arches.

    1. Thank you, glad you like them. They where an experiment, trying to take different views to normal and looking for shapes and just trying harder to give them a feeling, if you know what I mean, glad it worked 🙂

    1. I thought I would do a post on the journey, its such a lovely one, even if its cold and misty its still beautiful, as you know 🙂 The photos were of the first trip, the second one was a bit overcast, still nice, but the photos were a bit dark.

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