The Rescue Services at the Falls of Lora, Scotland


As we came over the Connel Bridge on our way to Oban on holiday at the start of May 2016, we could see the ‘Falls of Lora’ in quite a spectacular mode.  After crossing the bridge there is a small carpark that you can stop and see the water.  I must admit, just for a second I thought I was seeing a rescue taking place, thank goodness it was the Rescue Service practising, and I got some good action photos.  I found the following board that gives you some details on the falls and at the bottom you can see one of the rescue boats, similar to the ones practising.



There were two craft, one always waiting further down steam.


Now the action starts.  Man overboard, or in this case….pushed.










Everyone was saved and actually looked like they enjoyed being pushed into the water.





May 2016


  1. They probably did.😄 Hubby served as a volunteer on the fire department,he always enjoyed the drills. The yellow flowers are beautiful, makes a lovely photo!

  2. That is some really powerful water! Good to know those guys are there. Great shots, Lynne. You don’t get chances like that too often. 🙂

    1. No Pat in five years we had never seen them there before, just the right day. Yes the water is running really fast and I’m not sure I would throw myself in, even with mates to pull me out 🙂

  3. Nice action shots! Looks like they were enjoying themselves, from what I can see! Essential practice, though, and great to know that these teams are ready at all hours – most are volunteers. Always love seeing the Falls, especially when they’re running fast!

    1. Thank you, I am amazed that they came out ok, the were moving really fast, so I took loads and they were all good…..thats the camera not me 🙂 I just love the way they went in, it looked quite dangerous, the water was fast, very brave men 🙂

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