MacLean’s Cross, Isle of Tiree, The Inner Hebrides, Scotland

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The Isle of Tiree off the west coast of Scotland, has it’s fair share of ancient sites and one of them is Soroby.  I have added some of the information board, I will post about the burial ground later, but this post is about the ancient cross ‘MacLean’s Cross’.  I did nearly miss it, its not very tall and looked like a headstone, until I came round to the front of the stone and then I realised it was a cross.  The other view to the cross is very worn and even on the front it is very difficult to see the lovely pattern, the images on the information board show how the cross would have looked in the past.



On holiday May 2016

31 Replies to “MacLean’s Cross, Isle of Tiree, The Inner Hebrides, Scotland”

    1. Yes its alway a shame when the elements erode them away or they are covered in moss. Must have a look at Whitby’s when we are next there 🙂

  1. Love this, Lynne! What a find. I didn’t know about the Macleans on Tiree. That cross looks absolutely beautiful. I also love the idea of a monastery for wayward monks, although I guess the monks themselves weren’t so keen on the idea.

    1. Thought you would like it, it is a lovely stone and you would almost pass it by. I think that is where, it has stood for hundreds of years, just leaning in the wind, lots of that on Tiree. One side is almost worn away and it was only looking at the other side, it suddenly hit me what it was…..I hadn’t see the board at that time. As you say, a real find, still some more to come 🙂

  2. One moment ago I was the poet, was the one talking of love and kisses, but now I see a headstone with a sticky out bit that reminds me of a Tupperware pudding bowl. 😀

      1. We are a nation of puddin’ lovers. Apple pie, rhubarb crumble, rice pud, pink cake with chocolate custard and the occasional Tupperware pud made with sponge fingers or slices of bread, that sits upright and gets counted.

      2. To make a poem I am consigned
        One of the rhubarb crumble kind
        Alas my hubby is inclined
        “Beddy byes” he does remind

        He only says it because he cares
        My ol’ bones needs time to make repairs
        So off I’ll go up yonder stairs

  3. I have just happened upon your site and I have to say thank you. I will likely never get to Scotland and will likely never get to hunt up dead relatives for myself. Seeing your pictures of the graveyard at Appin and seeing the name Henderson listed on the stone makes me wonder, was he family? My ancestor, Michael John McKendrick was born in Saltpans Scotland (Fife) in 1811. He son, Michael John Henderson later came to the US. I had been wondering if that line had perchance been part of the Battle of Culloden. No way to know for sure I guess, but like you I like ancient places and your pictures are exactly what I would take if I were there. They are lovely. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you Carla for your lovely comments. Half the fun of doing a blog is that I hope people will see something that will help in family history or just to show parts of the UK that someones family came from. The other half is that I love ancient places 🙂 It is possible that your Henderson line could have been at Culloden, but as you say its very difficult to know for sure, but there was a Henderson at the battle, so the chances of a being related are quite high 🙂

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