Toffee Two Weeks On


Sorry not brilliant photos, my husband took these photos with his iPhone of Toffee.  They are really just to show you how Toff has come along, from the quite aggressive little thing that he was two weeks ago, when we picked him up to give him a new home.  He has been very good and we have had no aggressive behaviour towards us or anybody.  He still plays the older dogs up a little, but we now have long periods of him just laying with them and they mainly play fight now.

 But there is one thing that he loves to do, which I really wish he wouldn’t, he rolls in the chicken droppings, none of the others have, but he really likes it………the poor chickens will have to stay in their pen for a while….he is costing me a fortune in puppy shampoo.  He loves water and tries to drink from the hose and loves to explore, going off with Nipper (who is in the basket with him) for long periods of time. Anyways bringing back a present for me apart from the chicken poo, a stone, a leaf, anything he can carry.  He now fully understands the words ‘no’ and ‘cuddles’, he likes the cuddles word the most 🙂


The photos were taken at work in my office and all the dogs have a basket, but Toff has decided that he wants to share with Nipper, who doesn’t really mind, as long as he keeps still 🙂

June 2016


  1. Dogs do seem to sometimes be attracted to what we consider pretty stinky! Perfume to them. 🙂 Just have to keep applying the NO! word. This can’t be doing the chickens much good either. He does somewhat resemble a fox. 🙂

    1. Ha ha he does look like a little fox, but the chickens are bigger than him and after being pecked a couple of times, he has left them alone. So his learning all the time. Just glad its chicken and not fox, oh that is really horrible when they roll in that 🙂

  2. So glad to hear he is settling in so well! Hats off to You who knew just what to do! 🙂 He is adorable!
    Sorry to say some dogs do love to roll in disgusting stuff. LM also does this any chance she gets!

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