Flying Boat History at Ganavan Bay, West Coast of Scotland


On our recent holiday to Scotland, in May 2016, we were lucky that we really only had one morning of overcast weather, but even so, it adds to the mystery of the place.  So the best thing to do on an overcast morning, was for Nancy our little dog to take us on a walk.

We all decided that Ganavan Bay, a couple of miles from Oban, on the west coast of Scotland, would be a great place for Nancy to have a run off lead.  That was ok, until lots of other dogs decided to take their owners for a walk as well.  Nancy likes to say hello to all dogs, but is not very good at coming back, so she had to go on her long lead.

We found an information board, although a bit battered, answered a question, that I was asking my husband about a slipway that we had come across.  The first photo is the board and I have added the bit that interested me about the slipway.



It was quite amazing to think that this quiet bay had been such an important place during WW2 for ‘Flying Boats’ and all that was left to indicate any of this was a slipway.


We saw the little car ferry that would take us to Lismore later on in the week, which takes an hour to get to the Island from Oban.  I was just hoping it would not be rough on the day we go, as it does look a little on the small size.


We also found out from the information board the following about the beach.


It never ceases to amaze me what you can come across just by stopping for a walk, and thank goodness for information boards.  I must admit I aways look out for them now, as they can tell you lots of details that otherwise you might miss.




  1. Nancy sure is good at picking lovely and interesting walks! I always am grateful for those information signs. And it’s good to remember those boys that gave their lives. Maybe it was a good day for clouds.

    1. Well we have been a few time before, but had never noticed the old information board, what got me was a flying boat had come down near Lismore Lighthouse. Amazing what you can find out 🙂 Nancy says thank you 🙂

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