A Kayaker’s Dream – The Falls of Lora – Scotland


On the same morning that we visited Ganavan Bay while on holiday, May 2016, we stopped at the Falls of Lora, as the water was in full force.  After we had crossed Connel Bridge, husband parked the car and I jumped out to take a few shots.  The first thing I saw were little coloured shapes in the water, Kayakers having a wonderful time in the surf, or what ever its called 🙂  The weather was completely different to when I took the photos of the Rescue Services practising in the falls, this time the water was really forceful.  At times it seemed that a kayak had been swallowed up by the rough water, but then it would bob up again 🙂  I have added the board about the falls again, just incase anyone has not seem the first post about them.











  1. Maybe that word you were looking for is Rapids? I agree with you ..I like to watch them. 😄 to slowly paddle along in a river so you can heard birds singing is my speed.

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