A Trip Across The Isle of Mull, Scotland

After leaving the Isle of Iona, off the west coast of Scotland, May 2016, we drove across the Isle of Mull. Just a few photos to show you how beautiful the island is.  This is only a short post, as I am very tried after spending most of last night watching how the UK was going to vote about the EU.  We also spent the day in Kent working, but I still managed a castle, cathedral and a church which was hidden in some woods, but then on the way home, we got caught going through London.  Five hours later we made it home 🙂


  1. Cities are a pain! I’m with Deb on the shaggy cattle. Wouldn’t mind a look around that cemetery, either. We’re just waiting for the dust to settle after that vote. You’re right in the middle of it. Fingers crossed all over the world right now. My sleepless night will be in November. 🙂

    1. Yes Pat, Its a little scary as to how its all going to pan out, but its done now and we just have to get on with it and may be it will be the best thing for us….. not sure about the rest of the EU, could be the cat amongst the pigeons, we will have to wait and see. Yes can’t wait to see what happens in November in the US, not that I understand US politics 🙂 London is a total pain to drive through, but the motorway was closed due to a crash, which made the traffic even worst. I will have a look at the cemetery next time, my legs were so tried, they totally refused to walk any further 🙂 Looking at the photo of it now, they must have been really tired for me to not go and explore 🙂

      1. I wondered how you could have missed that cemetery! 🙂 I don’t understand politics too well myself. Seems like I’m always voting for the Lesser Evil and hoping they don’t do too much damage. I’m more into arts and sciences. 🙂

      2. Yes, I just wished we had, had more help to the pros & cons and not all the fighting they did….oh well we have made our bed, so to speak.
        I have to admit that I had food poisoning the day we arrived on holiday and spent 2 days in bed in the motor home, so for the first week I really wasn’t me and had to take things slowly. I picked up the 2nd week and when we went back 2 weeks later I was fine and did lots of exploring 🙂

      3. Not how you want to spend your holiday time! Glad it wasn’t too serious. 🙂

        The world is getting smaller. It’s like water finding a level. There’s a bit of sloshing before things settle down. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think you are right, most likely the bridge before the one we were travelling over and I should think it dates around the middle 1800’s.

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