Beached Hulls – Isle of Mull, Scotland



 I have a feeling……. that these old hulls have been a source of delight for photographers for many years, they are just so photogenic.  The only problem is, the site is on a bend of a road with no parking.  I knew where they were, so my poor long suffering husband said he would slow right down……as long as there were no cars behind us…….I think I got 10 seconds before some inconsiderate car came along.  But then thats really all I needed, its not often that I even get 10 seconds.

Isle of Mull, May 2016








    1. Thank you Pat, the shot you like was the car at its slowest, and also as we passed them, there were shadows starting to grow…..but they didn’t turn out too bad 🙂

  1. Great subjects. Great shots! Inconsiderate motorists!!! You can’t blame them, really. They were not too happy with me either, parked at a Passing Place in Glenmore (Mull) or on a mountain road in Cumbria!!!

  2. I love those old boats. I first saw them on a school trip way back in 1985. They looked far less decrepit back then. A bit like me! I stop to snap them every time I pass.

  3. I went to mull this July. We pulled over and spent about half an hour taking photos. Don’t think we got any as good as this though! Great shots

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