Glenorchy Church, Dalmally, Scotland

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On a very overcast day, while on holiday in Scotland May 2016, we visited Glenorchy Church which stands close to the south bank of the River Orchy opposite the scattered village of Dalmally.  It is of an unusual design, octagonal in shape and with a tower at the eastern end.  The building stands out with its pale walls and you spy it through the trees, from the main road.  In fact I didn’t see it first, as I was too busy looking at the snow on top of the mountains, husband did and we were driving up to it, before I had even noticed.


I had a feeling the door would be locked and of course it was, with no details of a key holder, well not that I saw.  The graveyard in places seemed very ancient and is surrounded by a wall.  I found the ruins of a small stone building and then I found two very old looking grave slabs.



Having researched the church, I have since found out that the original church was medieval, which was replace in 1615, then replaced in 1810-11 by this, the current church.  Apparently there are several medieval slabs, well I am not sure where they are, as these were the only two I found.  But next time we are nearby I will have another look…… now I know and also the church might be open 🙂



8 Replies to “Glenorchy Church, Dalmally, Scotland”

    1. Yes its very different to the normal churches up here, well even at home 🙂 I must return and look for more of the older slabs in the graveyard next year 🙂

  1. Very interesting, Lynne! I have never seen this church. Love the grave stones. There’s something nice about an overcast/misty day in these places – very soft and gentle. Beautiful views, especially looking towards the mountains.

    1. Thanks Jo, I just wish I had read about there being more grave slabs, but a good excuse to go back one day. We had never seen it before, but we were earlier this year and some of the trees were still leafless, so you could see more and I think it is hidden in the summer. Good time of the year to go and see good views 🙂

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